Friday, October 31, 2008

long sleeves shirt
GUESS kids
16 yrs
hey babe! although its a 'guess kids' but it can surely fits size s and m
worn once only

black velvet shirt
worn twice only
brown jacket
smart babes!!
you can wear it to work or as casual wear
aren't that cool? both ways work!!
only RM18
worn less than 3 times

white button jacket
bought it from TOPSHOP
size 10
rm 30

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

margaret's long skirt
bought it from South China Sea
now selling it for
rm 25

laura's long skirt

bought it from miss selfridge

faded colour denim

rm 28

smartties long skirt
you can wear it with white top, u'll be stunning!!
for simple but adorable babes!!
rm 25

This vintage dress is sooo cool babes!!

Again, i got it from another blog but it doesn't fit me well, I think it will look more gorgeous on you!!

will fits best on size S and M!

I'm selling this for

rm 30

Aren't we just love vintage??
This is actually a pre-loved item

I just bought this bag from another blog, but think it will suits you best..

it is still in good condition, and yah vintage craze is here!! yeah!!

hello people!!
this blog is made to cater the needs of the people out there to get a very nice thing at a very reasonable price, where we sell second hand items and also pre-loved items, items which we bought it and never use or wear it..and..and..for sure they're all still in a good condition!!
and most of all, we're sellling them for rm30 and below!!